Sea Otter Europe 2021

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24 - 25 - 26 September 2021 

Exclusive mechanical and physiotherapy services.

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  • Before the test we check the bike so that it is in optimal conditions to face the competition.
  • We are here to review pressures and final details before leaving.
  • After the test we offer the possibility of cleaning, greasing, checking and repairing so that you are ready for your next adventure
  • Cleaning and greasing products are included in the job. If a replacement is necessary, it will be charged separately.
  • All with the best work team made up of bicycle professionals.



  • The function and objective of this service is to reduce muscle overloads, contractures that may occur during the race. As well as treating the injuries that may appear. The massage will last 45 min., Enough time for this objective.
  • Intensity friction techniques, moderate massages, palm pressures, vibration techniques, stretching, etc. are used.
  • From the beginning we will be prepared to put warming cream and activate the bodybuilding to face the daily challenge.
  • All the material is included, creams, oils, kinessiotape, bandages ... everything you need to have a good performance in the race.
  • Our professional and qualified physiotherapists will make you finish in the challenge in the best conditions.
  • It is recommended to have done some unloading massage a few days before the competition with your usual physio, since this way you will arrive in the best conditions.
  • At the end of the competition we will also offer our services.

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