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16 - 23 March 2025

Mechanical and physiotherapy services.


Exclusive services of mechanics, physiotherapy, transfers, hotel, flights...




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  • Mechanical services
  • No services
  • Physiotherapy services (45 minutes)
  • No services
  • Bike transport and baggage included
  • Bike transport NOT included
  • Racer transfer
  • No
  • Motorhome 4PX
  • No
  • Yes
  • No
  • no

1 900 €

tax incl.



• Registration is managed by the organization.


• HOTEL, BED AND BREAKFAST, 2 NIGHTS BEFORE (in14-out16 MARCH) AND 1 NIGHT AFTER (in23     out24) MARCH, in a shared room. The hotel will be as close as possible to the bib collection and prologue camp.
• CORRIDOR TRANSPORTATION (airport-hotel day 14, hotel-camp1, final stage-hotel day 23, hotel-airport day 24)
• BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION (same as that of runners)
• MECHANICAL SERVICE. It starts on the 14th in the afternoon at the ASIC hotel.
• PHYSIOTHERAPY SERVICE. It starts on the 15th at the ASIC hotel.


There are two motorhome options:
1. 4-seater motorhome, two double beds, 1 rear and 1 central. The price is €3500, it is recommended for 2 people.
2. 6-seater motorhome, 3 double beds, 1 rear, 1 central and 1 front. The price is €3800, it is recommended for 2 to 4 people.
• Motorhome rental.

• Driver, fuel costs and traffic insurance.
• Does not include interior insurance, if there is any damage it will be the responsibility of the user. The bathroom and shower cannot be used, if there is any charge for cleaning the motorhome it will be the responsibility of the users.
• Transfers to the beginning of the prologue stage, between stages if there are any and return on the last day, all from our hotel. There will be no transfers to other places.


• Parking for the motorhome, once we have prices provided by the organization it will be charged separately.


• The day before the first stage, we will assemble your bike if you have it in the box and we will check it so that it is ready to face the competition at our hotel.
• At the beginning of each stage we are here to review pressures and final details before leaving.
• At the end of the stage you leave the bike with us and we grease, check and repair it so that it is ready for the next stage.
• On the last day, if necessary, we will pack it for you or put it in your suitcase.
• All work is included, cleaning and greasing products as well, if any other spare part is used, it will be charged separately.
Carbon frame repairs, maintenance or repair of suspensions or telescopic seatposts will be charged separately.

• To ensure stock of spare parts you must fill out a form with the bicycle information.
• All with the best work team made up of bicycle professionals.


• The service begins before the first stage to prepare your legs for the challenge, you will have 45-minute massages. at the end of each stage (except the last stage there is no massage service) in the Pro parking area of ​​the camps and the day before at our hotel

• The function and objective of this service is to reduce muscle overloads and contractures that may occur during race days. As well as treating any injuries that may appear. The massage will last 45 minutes. , enough time for this objective.
• Techniques with intense friction, moderate massages, palm pressure, vibration techniques, stretching, etc. are used.
• We will be at the beginning of the stage to apply warming cream and activate bodybuilding to face the daily challenge.

• All material is included, creams, oils, kinessiotape, bandages... everything necessary for you to perform well in the race.
• Our professional and qualified physios will ensure that you finish the challenge in the best conditions.
• It is recommended to have had a relief massage with your usual physio a few days before the competition, since this way you will arrive in the best condition.
• At the end of the stage we will give you a time for the massage.


• Pick up bikes at our hotel, assembly and transfer to the prologue paddock.
• Prologue stage: pick up at the hotel and transfer to the paddock, at the end of the prologue transfer to the first camp. We depend on knowing the stages and locations.

• Last stage transfer from the last stage to our hotel and bike fitting.


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